Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship International
Susan Reintjes

Psychic Counselor / Intuitive

For over 25 years, Susan Reintjes, psychic counselor and healer, has facilitated profound transformation for clients in all areas of life including intimacy, health, relationships and career. She has developed effective methods for completing unfinished inner work to clear the way for positive external change. Her psychological expertise and psychic talent offer an intriguing and balanced model for psychic and spiritual development.

She has worked with thousands of clients from the United States and Europe, using a variety of techniques, including
past life regression, psychic surgery, hypnosis and trance mediumship. Susan has also taught a wide range of courses
including the following topics: psychic and spiritual development, intimacy, career, inner child work, eating issues, grieving, past lives and personal empowerment.

Susan has a Master of Arts in Teaching from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and an Advanced Parapsychology and Mediumship Degree from Delphi University in Georgia.

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SFF wishes to thank Susan for her participation in our 2005 and 2006 Psychic Fair.